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Peridot are little green nuggets of positive power.  Their vibration brings an inner sense of warmth and well-being, like sunshine on a spring day.  Peridots will help one activate and harmonise the third and fourth chakras, creating an integration of Love and Will.  They can assist us in having the courage to act our our heart's desires, and to be generous to others, even as we pursue our individual destinies.  Peridot is a stone of financial and spiritual abundance, and it can aid in attracting and creating our most important inner visions here on Earth.

Peridot can be used to bless and energise one's work, whether it be tending one's garden, raising children, working as a healer, building a business, or assisting others in such activities.  It is not a stone to take one 'out of this world'.  Rather it is a tool for helping to bring the physical dimension of reality into alignment with one's inner truth.  This most definitely includes success and abundance in one's career endeavours, if one is doing one's right work, and if one believes oneself to be deserving of success.

Peridot can assist one in re-establishing a sense of self-worth if one is plagued by guilt or regret for past deeds.  It quiets spiritual fears - for example, those related to a feeling of karmic debt - and allows one to move forward on one's evolutionary path.  It supports one in taking responsibility and making amends for any suffering one may have caused others.

Peridot is a powerful generator of the frequency of Increase.  It can be used to manifest the increase of wealth, increase of health, and increase of joy and emotional wellbeing.  This stone allows you to gently expand your ability to receive from the Universe, accepting your birthright of complete abundance on all levels of life.  More than a financial prosperity stone, this ally aids in increasing one's ability to receive on all levels.  In the process, it may reveal the areas where self-worth issues have not allowed one to receive in the past.

Peridot is an Elven stone, carrying the frequency of inter-dimensional Earth beings who share this planet with the human race.  It can be used for contact with the fairy and Devic realms and to communicate with Nature spirits of all types.  Peridot is an excellent stone for Earth healers, as its energy attunes one to the subtle realms of Nature.

Peridot aids one in perceiving and honouring the source of all abundance.  This source is the Creator's frequency of Love.  By opening one to receive more of thhis Universal Love, Peridot can help one receive abundance on all levels of one's life.  It also teaches the knowledge of other-Earthly realms, including the fairy realm.  It is useful in connecting and communicating with other Earth beings, such as the plant and animal kingdoms.  It is a wonderful stone to use in animal communication and healing.

Peridot helps remove blockages to receiving.  Many spiritual people are adept at giving their love, time and energy, but may not be so good at receiving.  Blockages are often located at the back of the chakras and exist as clouds within the emotional body.  Peridot can assist in dissipating these blockages and teaching one to receive with grace and gratitude.

Peridot can be used to alleviate heaviness of the heart and all manner of heart-related imbalances.  

Affirmation:  I gratefully receive my birthright of success, abundance and prosperity on all levels.

This crystal description has been adapted from my favourite Crystal 'go to' book, The Book of Stones.




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