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Carnelian activates the first, second and third chakras, bringing an influx of life force, sexual and creative energies, and assertive will.  It is a powerful aid to those who wish to build confidence, courage, passion and power within themselves.

It is a great aid to those who wish to build confidence, courage, passion and power within themselves.  It is of great help to the gentle souls who wish for good things but have difficulty in making them happen.  Often, those who lean in the direction of spirituality do their inner work from the heart chakra up, ignoring the 'untidy' realms of physical existence associated with the first three chakras.  This is an error which can make on ineffective and passive in one's life.  Without the vitality of the physical energies, one can neither enjoy life nor have much power over it.  Carrying or wearing Carnelian can aid in awakening the vital energies of the three lower chakras, increasing zest for living and the willingness to take the risks inherent in all actions.

One's sexuality can also get a boost from Carnelian. 

Carnelian is a powerful ally to call upon when one needs to take major action.  It lends courage to 'take the leap' and dedicate oneself to a new path.  Carnelian can assist those who procrastinate or are unable to decide on a course of action.  When used in meditation, it can help one understand how to bring a concept into being.  It is helpful in manifestation work due to its ability to stimulate one to take action towards one's goals.  The saying "God helps those who help themselves" describes the energy of Carnelian beautifully.  It encourages one to stop waiting for one's dreams to appear and instead to begin to direct one's own experiences as channels for Divine Will.

Another aspect of the energy of Carnelian is its ability to strengthen and fortify the physical body, enhancing the flow of life-force energy and its expression through physical vitality.  When we neglect the physical, we are neglecting the temple in which our spirit resides.  Carnelian's energy resonates with the body, focusing one's attention upon the state of the spirit's 'house'.  We can strengthen our connection to the Divine by strengthening the physical structure which supports our Spirit.  Carnelian reminds us of the value of physical strength, health and vitality.

Carnelian assists us to take action to manifest our goals and dreams.  Carnelian helps one to overcome the fear of taking action or fear of doing the 'wrong' thing.  It assists one to embrace change and transformation in one's life.

Carnelian lends vitality and energy to the physical body.  It helps one purify and sanctify the body as a temple of the spirit.  It is an excellent support for detoxifying from alcohol or other drugs, breaking negative or hurtful physical habits, and generally improving over all health.

Affirmation:  I am filled with the vital energies of life, and I take action with confidence and power.

This crystal description has been adapted from my favourite 'go to' crystal 'bible' - the Book of Stones.



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