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Honouring New Beginnings - 2020

Honouring New Beginnings - 2020

Since the last New Moon (26th December) I have been pre-occupied with a theme running around in my head and sending occasional sparks of joy to my heart, so in essence, I know I’ve had a “blog” brewing about making some new choices for 2020.

I already love 2020, I love looking at the number, I love saying it, I love writing it, I love designing with it!  So I’m taking this energy into everything so far.  The last few days I have spent getting my ‘house in order’, quite literally, clearing energies, letting go of the past which includes the STOPPING of beating myself up for things that perhaps I wish I’d done differently throughout 2019.  Seriously just let that *&% go! 

So this is what my intention is for this “blog” and what I wish to give you for this final day of 2019 so that you can take some new energies and insight into intention setting for 2020!  I wish you a sense of peace as we move towards 2020.  I’m excited about everything about this New Year, but most of all I feel it will not be a year of 2020 in “hindsight” but a year of 2020 “foresight”, it will be a time when we get to see “what is before us” and to invite us to live consciously and move creatively forward.  It’s not about running from the past (or screaming running away from 2019 as I’ve felt like doing a few times), but about moving towards with our arms, eyes and heart wide open seeing clearly forward as to what we are moving towards!

History has its place and often we focus on healing within this “historical” realm, for instance, ‘forgiveness’ turns our attention towards people and deeds of the ‘past’.  What if we flipped this to turning our heart towards kindness and right action in the present.  Towards honouring where we are right now, not trying to “repair” or “change” something but about setting NEW Intentions, about focussing on what we wish to ‘have more of’ and move ‘toward’ rather than focussing on what we might actually want ‘less of or want to move away from’.

My fabulous yoga teacher and gorgeous friend has a beautiful part of her practice where she invites us to lean towards where we might be feeling tension in the body, and to also take notice of what may feel open and free, both can exist at the same time, and sometimes we shy away from focusing on physical pain, which in fact is a way of focussing on it.  When we can look straight at it, and what exists alongside it, we are embracing it and allowing ourselves to come to know our capacity to ‘withstand’ what is present, just as it is.  To in effect, notice the tension and in leaning towards it to see whether we can learn something new about it.  I have to say that there is a LOT of magick that happens when we allow ourselves to sit in this space.  For those with chronic pain please know that I am not denying its existence AT ALL.  What I am saying though is that perhaps there is a way where we can sit with it and look at it without giving ourselves over into it and letting it ‘run us’.  Sometimes pain makes us forget who is in charge!

2020 Vision

‘2020 vision’ is a statement used to explain the ability to be able to see things clearly, as they are.  But we all see the same things differently no matter how good our ‘eyes’ are.  So what if start ‘looking’ with our hearts?  Checking for “INsight” as to what feels good and moving towards that.  What if 2020 Vision in 2020 is about using “insight” as our radar and our heart and third eye to see with. 

Numerically Speaking

In the book of numbers by Alana Fairchild, the number 2 is seen as a message about connection, intimacy and all forms of one-to-one ‘relating’ this is usually going to refer to people but it can also relate to the bringing together of two ideas or approaches, philosophies or styles, two different groups, opposing opposites, etc.  It is about relationship and relating in all ways that involve two alternatives whether they be people or situations.

The 2 is also about exploring and balancing sometimes opposing roles or demands (something that I have struggled with in 2019!).  This includes competing roles and demands on your time and energy.  The 2 is about balance, so this is not about choosing one “over” the other, the message of 2 is about finding a way to include and balance, to manage and integrate.  The number 2 also reminds us that we are NOT alone.  You are going to have help and help is available, whether this be physical help, emotional or spiritual.  And perhaps you have to ask for it or become more open to receiving it.  The number 2 reminds us that we are meant to have an ally (or two) on our path and that this might show up for us in a variety of different ways.  Our being open to this is the 2020 foresight and vision I refer to earlier.

Oh, but the '0'

Now, here’s the thing, the number 0 adds a “kick” to the number vibration.  In combination with a 2 it is a message from the Universe saying that there is a cosmic connection or some incredibly meaningful relationship learning taking place right now, or there soon will be, so don’t miss it!  Now this could be with any relationship, with yourself, romantic, friendship, familial, business, spiritual and your relationship with the Divine.  Call in your relationship ‘angels’ to guide you whenever you may feel alone. 

For 2020 my conscious focus will be on the high points of lunar energy every month being the New and the Full Moon.  I will be consciously working with these throughout the year and if you follow my Instagram (@mysticmermaidcove) or Facebook page and are part of my new Facebook Group, “Mystic Universe  you are going to see and hear a lot about this.  Mystic Universe is not a group for everyone, it’s a little out there, there’s a lot of interfaith and Spiritual focus and it gets a little bit ‘witchy’ as I truly believe in Magick and Manifestation and will be using Mystic Universe as my expression for that, so if this sounds aligned to something you have been looking for, come on in, if not then stay present to what’s happening on my Facebook page and my Instagram and remember, I am in this with YOU.  Always.

Well, this is my little segue into 2020 from 2019 and I’m off to finish some magickal housekeeping.  I’m actually rolling out a new ‘hall rug’ in my entry way.  I have had this rug for 7 years and not used it yet.  There is something about rolling out the “red carpet” (the rug isn’t red by the way, naturally it's blue! lol) for 2020 that appeals to me, so very, very much.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and have felt a connection, please feel free to comment, love it, share it, private message (PM) or direct message (DM) me.  I am one person working on my own and your interaction with me is everything.  Your relationship with me is precious and I honour you for being here.

With all my Heart and an Ocean of Blessings

Jen xoxo