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Prehnite links the heart with the will, so one's personal power is used to carry out the promptings of the heart.  When the will is linked to the heart rather than the ego-ic mind, one's actions take on the colourations of peace and one's desires are in alignment with the highest good possible in each situation.  Prehnite quiets restlessness, nervousness and worry.  It helps one stay in the present moment and avoid the 'unhealthy' use of the imagination (e.g. focusing on negative outcomes or disastrous possible futures!). Prehnite reminds one of the existence of one's personal power at the same time it involves the use of that power in the service of love.

Prehnite's linkage of the third and fourth chakras is profound in its ability to facilitate contact with beings from other dimensions.  The heart produces a far more powerful electromagnetic field than the brain, and this field is in contact, through quantum waves, wit the rest of the entire Universe.  When the will is harnessed to the heart's field, one can direct attention to anywhere, on any level of being, and one's energy field becomes a broadcast beacon!  

Just as one's ability to 'broadcast' is enhanced by Prehnite, so is one's ability to receive.  Using this tone in meditation, one can learn to 'hear' the currents of angelic communication, the guidance of spirt beings, or the song of one's own Higher Self.  Prehnite can also help psychics and intuitive readers be more accurate in their preductions.

Prehnite is a good stone to take on retreats or to other situations in which one must undergo some sort of spiritual discipline.  These stones will assist one in quieting dissonance within the mind and 'setting one's heart' on the goal of spiritual surrender.

Prehnite is a purifier for the energies of the digestive system, as well as the kidneys, adrenals, liver and gallblader.  It emanates a vibration harmonious with smooth and integrated functioning of these ares of the physical body.

Prehnite is an Earth and Water element ally that brings joy to the heart and peace to the mind.  It emanates renewal and hope and nurtures one's energy field by grounding it into the energy of the Great Earth Mother.  Prehnite aids in cooling and grounding excessive anger or nervous energy.  encouraging a sense of peace and calm.  It helps renew one's chi and strengthens the flow of vital energy in the body.  Prehnite connects one to the heart of Nature, encouraging a link between our hearts and the heart of the planet.  It is excellent for intuition and magic, as it connects one with the current of natural power all around us.

The Earth element aspect of Prehnite stabilises energy flow in the body, helping one to feel less nervous or less drained.  It supports healing, particularly where there is imbalance in the circulatory system or blood.  The Water element aspect of Prehnite facilitates the expression of emotions or thoughts and helps one communicate in a non-judgmental way.  It helps one consider the impact of one's words before speaking and quiets those who talk excessively.

Prehnite offers a reflective, calm vantage point from which one can explore the nature of one's experience.  It facilitates a heart-centred connection to all of creation.

Prehnite is a gentle, nurturing stone that can help one release ego-identification with past wounds.  It is like an 'emotional soap' that helps wash emotional debris from the aura.  It can act as an emotional 'rescue aid', helping one to immediately release identification with emotional wounds and preventing little hurts from growing into festering emotional sores.

Prehnite helps balance and heal the lymph and can assist in clearing toxins and waste through lymphatic and urinary systems.  It is useful in calming infections of the urinary tract.

Affirmation:  I place my personal power in the service of the heart, and my will is willing to do as the heart desires.


This crystal metaphysical blog and information is provided for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute providing medical advice or professional services.

Crystal Descriptions shown throughout Mystic Mermaid's website and social media pages and/or any linked materials should not be construed as health nor medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional expertise or treatment.

Trusted health information can be found through your local doctor or pharmacy and other reliable professional healthcare providers.

This crystal description has been adapted from my favourite 'go to' crystal 'bible' - The Book of Stones.


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