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Hypersthene is a stone of psychic vision.  Holding a piece to the third eye one often sees vivid images, as if in a waking dream.  Once one is attuned to this stone and can direct one's intention with good control, the visions one encounters tend to be of situations one wishes to see and understand better.  If there are problems or difficulties one wishes to overcome or solve, the symbolic content of the visions provided by Hypersthene will frequently direct one to a helpful answer.

Hypersthene is also a stone of magic.  Its visionary qualities can aid those who wish to manifest their intentions, by increasing the capacity to envision a desired situation clearly and send it out into the morphic fields of the inner worlds, where it will be received and from which the response will come.  Manifestation is like becoming a radio broadcast tower, setting and sending out the intention.  Afterwards, one is advised to become receptive, like a lightning rod attracting an electrical discharge.  Working meditatively with Hypersthene is such situations can help one in both directions.

In spiritual self-healing, Hypersthene can be used to promote the healing process through creative visualisations.  We all know that such visualisations can help everyone.  Using Hypersthene's capacities to enhance vision and magnify intention, the results of visualisation therapy can be magnified and improved.

In the emotional realm, Hypersthene helps one to understand, accept and heal one's shadow side.  We create the shadow by judging ourselves negatively, or by accepting the negative judgements of others, and pushing those aspects of ourselves into the unconscious.  They can later manifest as compulsive behaviours, bad dreams or psychological problems of various sorts.  Using Hypersthene in meditation helps one to inwardly see and accept the judged and disregarded parts of our nature, expanding our conscious self-awareness and bringing ourselves into a state of wholeness.

Hypersthene enhances psychic vision.  It increases one's spiritual awareness and intuitive understanding through resonance with morphic fields of knowledge.  It is a stone of inner vision, both for receiving information in symbolic form and for planting one's creative intentions into the fabric of untapped manifesting potential.

Hypersthene brings awareness of one's shadow side into consciousness, and aids emotional healing through understanding and self-acceptance.

Hypersthene aids in the process of self-healing through creative visualisation.

Affirmation:  I call forth the visions of truth that will unveil my gifts and show me the path of my highest destiny.

This crystal description has been adapted from my favourite crystal go-to 'bible', The Book of Stones.


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