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Charoite is known for its powerful emanation of the Purple Ray. 

It is purifying and cleansing to one's etheric body, releasing disharmonies and dispelling negativity.  It offers protection from psychic attack and helps prevent bad dreams.

It facilitates the release of unconscious fears, serving as a catalyst for the healing and transmutation of old patterns of imbalance.

For those suffering from difficult-to-diagnose maladies that have their roots in internalised negativity or fear, Charoite can be a powerful aid to assist in releasing such things.  It can help one merge the heart and crown chakra energies, allowing for deeper spiritual insights in an inner climate of unconditional love.

Working with Charoite can increase the likelihood of synchronicities in one's life.  

Charoite's energy activates the latent inner knowledge that can lead you to your path of service to the world.  Its energy opens and clears the third-eye, crown and Soul Star chakras, allowing one to connect with the guidance and events that will reveal one's true path of service.  

the black dendritic formations in Charoite assist in grounding high-frequency energy in the physical world.  This helps one remain grounded and focused as one engages more fully on the spiritual level.  The Calcite inclusions within the swirling purple folds of Charoite can help overcome any resistance to necessary changes.  Calcite's ability to remove hindrances works in Charoite to dissolve one's blockages about assuming one's power and spiritual path.

Charoite can also assist one in acclimating to high-frequency vibrations.  It is excellent for healers or others who work with these energies, as it assists in both regulating their flow through the body and in grounding excess energy to prevent psychic burn-out.  For those who focus exclusively on raising their vibrations and have forgotten to ground, Charoite can be a valuable reminder to bring that high-frequency energy down to Earth and apply it in 3D reality.  It helps one to overcome spiritual escapism and encourages one to assume responsibility for grounding Spiritual energy where it is most needed - on Earth!

Part of manifesting spiritual energy on Earth is to delve more deeply into one's own personal healing and inner work.  Charoite assists one in recognising where one still needs to work on one's own issues, and in revealing the most direct path to that healing.  In the process of this self-work, one becomes a more effective catalyst for healing others.  By resonating with Charoite's energy, one's own inner work becomes one's first path of service in the world.

Charoite's energy holds an energetic mirror to oneself and assists with becoming aware of negative patterns and behaviours and as such is a great ally in a healing journey.  In healing, Charoite helps the facilitator to be more objective about the information he or she receives.  Sometimes the energies of a Client can trigger the healer's own energetic patterns, references and filters.  Unless healers are clear about their own issues, they may misinterpret the energy they are receiving.  Charoite helps one more accurately interpret a Client's energies and issues without putting one's personal references into the information.

Charoite stimulates intuitive and psychic ability, clears negativity and assists one in being a more effective healer.

Charoite helps one overcome resistance to one's sacred path.  It helps one seperate one's own issues from the issues of others, assisting with energetic boundaries and intepretation of psychic information.

Affirmation:  I ask for the revelation of my highest path of service, and I embrace it fully, knowing that I am protected from all harm.

This crystal description has been adapted from my favourite crystal go-to 'bible', The Book of Stones.


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