Feel the Love Silk Tassel Mala Necklace

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Feel the Love Silk Tassel Mala Necklace
Feel the Love Silk Tassel Mala Necklace
Feel the Love Silk Tassel Mala Necklace

Featuring Rose Quartz, rhodonite and Tigers Eye, this Mala Necklace is all about the love.

It is a long necklace 90cm (35 1/2”) that can be placed over the head but I have also included a clasp, this necklace can be worn doubled and will sit at 17” (43cm).

Rhodonite promotes the energy of love.  

Rhodonite encourages using one’s gifts and talents for the benefit of the community.  The outer-directed love engendered by Rhodonite is one of altruism and generosity, using one’s talents to bring gifts to others.  This path of generosity often offers greater satisfaction than any amount of receiving what one wants.  Rhodonite attracts the people and situations best suited for one’s unique talents, and in so using them, one can experience fulfilment of the deep desire to love and be loved.  Rhodonite can also enhance the depth, clarity and meaning of one’s inner experiences, making it easier to understand the messages behind one’s dreams and visions.  It can provide a psychic link to the archetypal pattern of personal destiny, helping one remain “on the beam” for the fulfilment of one’s highest aspirations.

Rhodonite is a stone of grace and elegance. It decreases your anxiety levels while simultaneously increasing your attention to detail. It works to heal your Heart Chakra, opening you up to unconditional love and increased service to mankind. The bright pinks enhance passionate love, while the shiny black grounds your energy, allowing you to have a passionate love that is also grounded. It is also a great stone for expressing love. 

Rose Quartz is the quintessential stone of love - love for oneself, one’s life partner, children, family, friends, community, the Earth, the Universe and the Divine.

When one is truly experiencing love, one is not thinking about giving and receiving, because the lover and the beloved have become one.  Rose Quartz helps dissolve one’s boundaries of isolation and mistrust and moves one into the sense of union with All that is the essence at the core of the heart.

Healing the heart of its wounds and reawakening its trust is one of Rose Quartz’s gifts.  Its soothing vibrations are a balm to the emotions, and they calm and cleanse the entire auric field.  It engenders the release of tension and stress, the dissolution of anger and resentment, the dispelling of ear and suspicion and the rebirth of hope and faith in the benevolence of the Universe.

Rose quartz is clearly feminine in tone, and it is one of the stones of the Great Mother.  It not only activates the human heart chakra - it also links one’s personal heart to the heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Universe.

Don’t let the soft pink colour and soothing energy of this stone fool you into discounting its power.  Rose Quartz is one of the most important stones of our time.  It stimulates and opens the heart chakra, clears the emotional body.

Rose quartz is one of the most humble, yet most powerful of the spiritual allies.  It turns the heart toward love and bathes body, mind and spirit in that healing and enlightening frequency.

Rose Quartz is calming for the mind, assisting one in releasing worry, fear, anxiety and past emotional trauma.  It clears the emotional body of ego-driven patterns and hen help one feel more open to receiving and sharing Love, compassion and kindness.

Tiger Eye is a solar stone of vitality, practicality and physical action. It stimulates the root chakra and solar plexus, assisting one in taking effective actions and remaining grounded, calm and centred. Tiger Eye is a stone of mental clarity. It activates and whets the intellect, sharpening the "sword" of logic. It also opens the mind to embracing paradox. Tiger Eye energises the body to accomplish the imperatives of the will. It can lend one the strength to overcome fatigue or discouragement. It activates and aligns the lower chakras so one's actions draw upon the full spectrum of primal strength, creativity and enlightened intention.