Dragonfly Dreaming Citrine Necklace


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Dragonfly Dreaming Citrine Necklace
Dragonfly Dreaming Citrine Necklace
Dragonfly Dreaming Citrine Necklace

I have made three Stunning "Dragonfly Dreaming" necklaces, each featuring the most divine handmade wings that shimmer and sparkle.  I have positioned some faux druzy on the wings for that little bit of support to them.

Each Dragonfly features it's own Crystal Ball companion.  I have created one with Charoite, one with Super Seven and this one has gorgeous Citrine.

The "Wing Span" of the Dragonfly is a stunning 3 ¾” (9.5cm) across and the pendant from the bottom of the bail to the end of the dragonfly's 'tail' is 9cm (3 ½”) and this has a beautiful 12mm citrine.

The necklace shown here is the one with Citrine and the necklace itself is a vegan friendly microsuede.  If you would like me to remake this necklace longer or shorter for you, please let me know with your checkout comment.

It is currently sitting at 16" (40.5cm) and is on a sand coloured microsuede.  If you would also prefer a different colour, please let me know as I have MANY to choose from!  I am happy to remake the necklace for you to a different length of colour for no extra charge.

The Dragonfly as an Animal Spirit Totem is the power of light.  Inhabiting two realms - air and water the dragonfly is the essence of the winds of change, the messages of wisdom and enlightenment and the communication from the elemental world.  Dragonfly brings the light and colour of transformation into your life.


Citrine opens the inner doors to increased clarity of thought, enhanced creativity and magnified powers of will and manifestation.  It is one of the premier stones for the second chakra and capable of awakening the powers of creative imagination in even the most unconscious individuals!

Imagination, as Einstein said, is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge refers to facts, conditions or principles already known and is thus rooted in the past.  Through knowledge alone there can be repetition only, no creativity.  The creative powers of human beings, and all beings are rooted in imagination.  Before someone could create the laser beam, the sonnet or the shuffle, it had to be imagined.  Imagination is the means by which one turns toward the time stream from the future, opening the self beyond what has been, into the realm of what can be.

Citrine, in both natural and heated forms, stimulates imagination through three portals - the second, third and sixth chakras.  The vibratory resonance of Citrine activates and harmonises these three energy centres, all of which are necessary to the process of creative imagination.

Through the sixth chakra - the third eye - Citrine activates the thinking process and enhances mental clarity, as well as the visionary function through which inner images appear.  After all, imagination is in essence, the process of image-making.  Until one has the image, one cannot build the invention.

Through the second chakra, Citrine stimulates the creative function, the wellspring from which new potentials are born.  It is fitting that this chakra is also the sexual energy centre, the source of both types of ‘conceptions’, imaginal and biological.

Through the third chakra - the navel or solar plexus - Citrine generates the human dynamo of personal will.  It is said that great accomplishments are one percent inspiration and 99% perspiration.  The energy that sustained one through the grunt work of manifesting one’s creative ideas is that of the will.  Without this third component ideas can fizzle out before they come to fruition.  Citrine strengthens the third chakra, and through that, one can more readily dig down and find the persistence to ‘make it happen’.

Much of our experience on the Earth plane is gained form our attempts to transform our dreams and wishes into physical tangibility.  This is the process of manifestation, creating form or experience from the energetic blueprints of our thoughts, believes and desires.  Citrine is our foremost ally in the process of manifestation.  The vibration of Citrine stimulates our second and third chakras, initiating our creative energy and our will, and increasing our ability to bring energy into form.

Citrine enables us to open more fully to the energy of Divine Will and the path of love.  By resonating with Citrine, we are reminded that we are loved and supported by the Universe in our efforts towards manifestation.  When one chooses the path of love and joy, opening to the power of Divine Will, Citrine supports us in bringing forth that which is truly beautiful.

Citrine carries a powerful frequency that allows for the clearing and strengthen of the manifestation channel and one’s personal will.  Natural Citrine is the great manifesto, allowing one to purify the manifestation channel and bring Divine energy into form through intention and action.  It assists one in maintaining one’s direction when the going gets difficult, or when obstacles appear in one’s path.

Citrine enhances physical stamina and energy, sports the endocrine system and encourages proper metabolism.

Affirmation:  “I open myself to the inspiration of my creative imagination, and through the strength of my will, aligned with Divine Will, I manifest my dreams.

Dragonfly Dreaming Citrine Necklace
Dragonfly Dreaming Citrine Necklace
Dragonfly Dreaming Citrine Necklace