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About Mystic Mermaid (and me!)

My life has never been the same since I learned how to Scuba Dive at age 40. When I discovered the Underwater realm I discovered parts of my being that could only be known by travelling to the depths of the Oceans.

I was in a Corporate career that was eating at my Soul. I wanted to be inspired, to see beautiful things and to be thrilled by the wonder of it all. So I followed my heart, started making shiny and sparkly things, moved out of the city and started dedicating my time to creating special treasures that embody the love and depth of my passion for nature.

I connect with Spirit to create jewellery, talismans and special treasures using the gifts of Mother Earth (crystals, gemstones, shells, botanicals, etc). I am inspired by what expands my heart and very passionate about sharing what I love in the hope that it will connect you to your own heart and to the magick and love that dwells within you.

I live on the beautiful Bass Coast in Victoria, Australia.  In late 2021 my beloved adopted French Bulldog passed away but you will see him appear in many videos before this time.  Now it's just me and "the Boss" (Minx, the Cat)...

I create all of my own posts for Instagram and Facebook and I do all of my own product photography for my jewellery, crystals and special treasures. I also love sharing photos and videos from my 'backyard' which is just a superb part of the world and my way of sharing my love of the Beach and Ocean with you!

Whether you are purchasing one of my creations or just visiting to be inspired and motivated, I honour you with all my heart. I encourage you to sign up to my newsletter so that I can Welcome you to the "MerTribe". I also have some special groups on Facebook that you are welcome to join.

One of my Facebook Groups is ‘Treasures from Within’ and the other one is a little bit more mystical and I like to share a few 'witchy' things there, it's called ‘Mystic Universe’ and it might not be for everyone but you are welcome to join there too if you wish. Please note that I applaud all things Spiritual and that connect with Spirit and Soul that are uplifting and inspiring and I believe in inclusion, honouring everyone’s own unique journey and path, with love.

I look forward to getting to know you better through my Live videos where I "show up" and often showcase my latest creations and store updates.

I definitely have come to know many of you by your comments on my Instagram and Facebook pages, because I actually read them all!

Thank you so much for being here and I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about me.

May you always be uplifted and find peace and joy in my posts and creations and in the special items that I source from all over the world for you.

With Much Love and an Ocean of Blessings
Jen xoxo