Ruby Fuchsite

Ruby in Fuchsite Metaphysical Crystal Properties Mystic Mermaid

The energies of Ruby Fuchsite combines the courage, strength and passion for which Ruby is known with the calming, nourishing, heart-based currents of Fuchsite.  Ruby Fuchsite is both empowering and strengthening to the emotional body.  It fosters a strong sense of overall health and well-being in both the emotional and physical self.  It can be an aid to overcoming illnesses related to dysfunctional emotional patterns.  It encourages one to face the future with an attitude of trust and confidence.

Ruby Fuchsite stimulates the root and heart chakras, bringing an infusion of Life Force into the body.  It dispels sluggish energies from the heart, encouraging the body to clear blockages.  Ruby Fuchsite also works to clear the emotional body of psychic debris that may be left over from past relationships that ended badly.  It encourages one to value oneself to hold high standards for oneself in regard to choosing emotional partners.  It reminds one of the presence of the Self deep within, and of the Self's eternal love, which can never be lost.

Ruby Fuchsite inspires one to heal oneself and instills an awareness of the deep Self.  Ruby Fuchsite infuses the body with prana.  It supports the bowels, heart, cells and organs.  Ruby Fuchsite also encourages self-esteem and aids in the healing of relationship issues.

Affirmation:  I value myself, and I forgive myself for whatever occurred in the past.  I go forward with confidence, courage and trust.

This crystal description has been taken from my favourite Crystal Book - The Book of Stones

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