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Pietersite creates a unified activation of the solar-plexus and third-eye chakras, engendering a powerful increase in the energy of the will and in one's intuitive capabilities.  Under the influence of Pietersite, one's keen insights into the nature of situations lead to decisive actions aimed towards influencing the outcome in ways favourable to one's hopes and desires.  In other words, one sees what's going on, knows that one wants, and goes after it.  With Pietersite's gift of increased power, the likelihood is high that one will achieve one's aims.

Pietersite enhances clarity of thought and encourages intuitive leaps.  With Pietersite, one can more easily see the threads of connection between disparate thoughts and schools of thought, bridging the chasms between them with illuminated insight.  This is an excellent stone for students, researchers and spiritual seekers studying the philosophies of mysticism.  In certain cases, the epiphanies seeded by Pietersite can lead to the state of samadhi, or spontaneous blissful enlightenment.

Pietersite manifests the Storm element by deeply cleansing all levels of one's auric field.  Also called 'Tempest Stone', Pietersite's energy feels like the highly charged atmosphere of a thunderstorm.  It activates mind and imagination, stimulates psychic vision and enhances telepathy.  It acts as an etheric lightning rod, grounding high-frequency energy into the physical realm.

Like a storm dredging up treasures from the ocean, Pietersite churns the hidden corners of one's energy field and reveals new directions for one's life.  It helps to clear stagnant energies, habits and patterns from one's life and encourages one to take action toward one's dreams.

Pietersite is a powerful stone for magical work, particularly when deep, dramatic change is needed.  It is an excellent ally when one is feeling stuck or unable to make progress.

Pietersite is a spiritual activation stone.  It helps one find new directions and move forward when the way feels blocked, or when one is unable to see one's path.  It strongly activates the chakra system to allow for the grounding of a full spectrum of electromagnetic energy, increasing the amount of Light energy in one's body and energy field.

Pietersite can 'light a fire' under one's base chakra, giving one the resolve to take action and make changes to one's life.  It can help one to become fearless and overcome uncertainty and indecision.

Affirmation:  The clarity of inner sight reveals the best choices for action, and I make them without hesitation.


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