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Jade is prized for its healing and protective properties.  Green Jade is a stone with a heart of healing, and a a stone for healing the heart.  The colour of these stones is heart-chakra green and the energies are so strong and steady, one feels a flow of wellbeing and balance almost immediately upon touching them.  The type of Jade shown here in this description is known as Jadeite and is a stunning green.

These are excellent stones to wear during sleep, both for their harmonious and nourishing vibrations and for their beneficial effect upon one's dream life.  Green jade is the colour of grass and leaves, and it fosters wholesome and steady growth of one's chi or life-force energies.  It is recommended that one try wearing or carrying Green Jade when hiking, gardening or relaxing out of doors, because it draws upon the Earth's life force and imbues one's auric field with that energy.  When one cannot be outside, Green Jade can help one carry the signature of Nature into even the most artificial environments.

Green Jade can harmonise and balance the heart chakra, aiding in both emotional and physical well-being.  It can be used to attract abundance and prosperity and to broadcast peace and loving-kindness to all those in one's surroundings.

Green Jade is a classic abundance stone.  It represents the flow of Divine energy into the realm of matter and the never-ending well of abundance that is the Universe.  Green Jade is an Earth element stone in all respects, promoting the flow of money, fertility and abundance into one's life.  It represents harmony and happiness in business and family relationships.  It teaches one to be the master of one's money, instead of money being one's master.

Green Jade assists one in learning to enjoy physical life.  It reminds one to smell the flowers, touch someone you love and share your abundant heart with others.  It helps one to receive Divine abundance on all levels and to share that abundance with others, in affirmation of plenty.

Green Jade stimulates the flow of energy through the physical body.  It is an excellent stone to use as an overall tonic to the energy field;  it helps to dissolve blockages and increase the body's ability to absorb and utilise both energy and physical nourishment.

Green Jade teaches one to allow joy into one's life.  It helps one to understand that sacrifice is an illusion and that there is neither gain nor loss in Spirit.  From this place of objectivity, Green Jade helps heal scarcity-mindedness, fear of money, fear of poverty, avarice, greed, covetousness and other symptoms of belief in money as a measure of worth.

Green Jade is generally strengthening to the energy systems, but there are distinct differences in the physical effects of Nephrite and Jadeite.  Green Nephrite Jade is a powerful physical heart healer.  It also helps strengthen and soothe the nervous system.  Green Jadeite offers support in detoxification and in the regeneration of the tissues after trauma or surgery.

Affirmation:  I love life, and it flows through me in ever-greater abundance.

This crystal description has been adapted from my favourite crystal book - The Book of Stones



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