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Atlantasite is the name given to "Stichtite in Serpentine", as such I have included the details of both Stichtite and Serpentine in this description.  Both have been taken from "The Book of Stones".


Serpentine is one of the best stones for rousing the kundalini energies - the 'serpent power' said to reside at the base of the spine, wrapped three and one and a half times around the sacrum.  When the kundalini is awakened, individuals may experience a wide range of psychic and spiritual phenomena, some of them quite intense.  However, the central experience is that of feeling the energy of the serpent rise up like a fire in the spine, activating each chakra and ultimately emerging from the crown, like the snake hovering over the head of the Sphinx.  This experience coincides with what kundalini yoga sees as enlightenment.

Serpentine is a good stone for releasing blocked energies within the chakra column and for allowing a healthy, natural flow to be re-established.    It is powerful for working energetically to bring the old reptilian part of the brain into the service of the higher brain.  

Like the DNA of life on this planet, Serpentine carries within it the matrix of evolution for the Earth herself.  Through attunement with Serpentine, one can access histories of fairy domains, Devic realms and the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms.  Serpentine can assist one in connecting with the mind and heart of Nature.  

Serpentine is soothing to the emotional body allowing one to release fear of change and hardship and to look ahead to the future with expectation and excitement.

Affirmation:  I commit myself to manifesting the Divine potential that resides in the cells of my physical body and in the vibrational pattern of my energy body, and I offer my service to the healing and evolution of the Earth.


Stichtite is considered a "cousin" to Serpentine in that it also stimulates kundalini energies,  moving dormant energies at the base of the spine up through the chakras to the crown of the head.  Whilst green Serpentine centres at the heart and is said to emanate healing energies in that area, Stichtite blends the vibrations of love, forgiveness and spiritual illumination, linking the heart and the crown chakras.  Like Sugilite, Stichtite emanates energies of protection from negativity, putting the wearer inside an 'egg of Light' which shields the emotional body.   

As a stone of forgiveness, Stichtite allows one to more easily see the 'other side' of emotional issues, facilitating compassion.  It takes away the consciousness of 'us versus them', substituting "just us" for 'justice'.

Emotionally Stichtite can serve to soften hardened attitudes, allowing one to release unreasonable stubbornness and to see things from another's point of view.  It promotes forgiveness and facilitates the development of friendship with those with whom one may outwardly have little in common with.  It encourages the spontaneous display of affection, dispelling shyness or hesitation.  

Stichtite links one with the Higher Self aspect known as the 'Magic Presence'.  Stichtite is a stone of emotional and physical resilience, allowing one to recover quickly from illness, trauma, disappointment, anger or depression.  It rekindles the joy of life for its own sake, helping one release the insistence that the Universe arrange itself according to one's own plans and desires.  It helps one to remember to see with the eyes of a child, in joyful awareness, free from expectation.

Stichtite is a beautiful Purple Ray stone that resonates with the frequency of the Wind.  Its energy is stimulating to the higher mind and soothing to the body and nervous system.  Stichtite often occurs with Serpentine, the energy insulator, and their combination is a powerful tool for opening to Spirt, clearing the auric field and energising the heart.

Stichtite can strengthen feelings of love, compassion and caring, as it fosters the development of the courageous heart.  It encourages one to 'let bygones be bygones' and release identification with ego wounds.  It helps one to be more caring and loving towards oneself and to eliminate negative self-talk.

Spiritually, Stichtite reminds one of the power of the heart.  It encourages calling upon one's guides and angels in good as well as hard times and can help one feel their presence. 

Stichtite is a stone of Love, unity and cooperation.  It helps one overcome reluctance to ask others for support and encourages feeling more compassionate towards those who need our assistance.  It is an excellent protective stone against negative emotional fields being created by others and will help one feel compassionate towards such individuals.

Affirmation:  I release my fears and judgments, liberating my heart to love without limit.


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