New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus Blessings to you!

Taurus is one of the most loving of all the signs and is considered the sign of Earthly love.

Today, look for opportunities to express loving gratitude towards your body for give thanks for being able to move your body the way you do and for enabling you to live your life.

Look for opportunities to express gratitude to all of those around you, particularly those in your physical world who provide you with the opportunities to receive growth through lessons in love on this earthly plane.

Express loving gratitude to Mother Earth and take a moment to attune to the energy and consciousness of all that she provides to us.

The more that we see around us and are grateful for, starting with what we already have, the more we bring forth from the realm of possibility and open ourselves to experiencing more love in our lives.

See you tonight on my Facebook page for the New Moon Intention Setting Live feed (for those who can attend with me LIVE) otherwise the video will be available later on in a few places so you can catch up and conduct your New Moon Intention Setting.

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