New Moon in Scorpio

This month the New Moon will be in Scorpio on the 8th November.  There are some transformational aspects to this New Moon and it is a wonderful time for planting seeds for a new relationship, spiritual regeneration or taking steps to deepen an existing relationship.

Scorpio is one of the most emotionally courageous signs and at its highest level teaches us to release the need for control so that the truth of the heart can emerge.

Take some time to reflect, meditate, rest and spend some time alone in nature to reconnect and bring healing and insight at this New Moon.

If a situation triggers a response from you that "you didn't see coming" then it may be time for you to step back from something and to reevaluate how you are 'taking care' of yourself. 

Have you been neglecting something?  Avoiding facing a situation? Trying to ignore grief? If you find yourself triggered and your response seems 'out of bounds' then sometimes this is the Universe trying to wake you into 'realisation'.  Be gentle on yourself.  Journal.  Face the fears and issues and avoid trigger situations until you feel stronger, centred and are in step with your own truth.

Embrace your personal power, passion and courage at this Scorpio new moon.

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