New Moon in Libra

The New Moon in Libra takes place tomorrow.  

This is a time of unearthing, sensing and deep feeling and it’s important that we “allow” ourselves the time and space to “be” with what emerges.  When we stand in our authenticity the truth that is within us, is clearly seen.  There is no need to participate in the drama that others may be trying to project onto you.  Lean further into your own integrity and solidify your faith in yourself and your own abilities.   Others will see their own reflection in their projections and will realise the folly of their ways (if they are wise enough!)

Be loving with yourself and connect to your Soul through meditation and reflection.  Taking time to journal your thoughts and to write can be cathartic and healing.  Taking this time to be with what resides within is a powerful boost to all of your other daily activities.  The more you can solidify and connect with the relationship you have with yourself and your thoughts and feelings, the greater your ability is to operate “within the world”.

Venus is the ruler for Libra and is currently in retrograde.  It is also moving through the sign of Scorpio and so seeks to illuminate that which is hidden, stagnant or needs to come up from the depths to be released.

It is a time for great awakening for those willing to dive into these depths and who are willing to let transform understanding and release that which no longer serves you.  By letting these things go, you are creating a space for new intentions and for new manifestations to occur.

Self Love is critical in this time.  It is the foundation for loving anything else and is key to successful relationships.

Without Self Love, no relationship can be held in balance. 

You may be feeling empowered during this time, which is awesome.  Call on your “Warrior” self to continue to support what is just, balanced and fair and lean into this energy.  You may find that you are attracted to your “Soul Sisters” during this time as a collective to come together to bring about change and growth.  The Divine Feminine is strong in this sense.

Remember that everything ebbs and flows.  Life, understanding, connection, balance and it is always in a constant motion, even when it might feel stuck.  If you are feeling stuck right now, with a compassionate heart, view your current situation and your place within it and allow the truth of the situation to become known within. 

You do not need to set out to ‘prove’ anything to anyone else.  But if you allow yourself to willingly and knowingly face “what is so” then you may find that there is an energetic movement that takes place not only within, but in relation to the external situation, too.

My message to you is be compassionate, gentle and connected to your Self and hold love in your heart.  Be true. Be you.

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