New Moon in Aquarius

Jenann McIntosh

It's the Lunar New Year this New Moon.   Happy Chinese New Year!

And whilst I have had the most wonderful start to 2019 and it has been one of times of great sparks of "Joy" the current energy is one of, well, 'meh' in a word.

New Moons mark the beginning of a new cycle and are fertile times for setting intentions and initiating positive change. This is the time to consciously ‘seed’ the new that is rising within us.  But sometimes, it is also necessary to take the time to reflect and take a 'pause'.  The flowing vessel in the image that I have used in today's blog tells it all for me.  It flows with abundance and it also reminds me, that "you cannot pour from an empty cup".

You need to ensure that your 'vessel' is "full-filled" and if you have been experiencing obstacles or blocks to that, then rather than beating yourself up for it (speaking from my own experience right now) sometimes, you need to just allow it to be.  To feel the feels, whether they be mad, sad, happy or glad, and allow THEM to be as they are.

Let what wants to flow, flow...

The New Moon usually carries with it an energy of stepping forward, of stepping into the new and beyond our personal limitations so that we can move forward with mindfulness and conscious creation.  It is a great time to build momentum, to move forward as we embrace the winds of change.  This New Moon may have you sitting with some "old shadows".  Sometimes as old ways fall away, they are illuminated prior to new aspects of ourselves and our path coming into focus.  Think of the caterpillar shedding its skin to reveal the butterfly within!

Aquarius reminds us to allow ourselves to flow through this time.  Allow it to be.  Surrender to a higher power that everything is as it should be, that you will FLOW, you will not become stuck.  By allowing things to be as they are, right now, you are allowing yourself to be carried in a new and positive direction.

Now is a good time to BE GENTLE on yourself.  If you are finding your to do list growing as you feel too overwhelmed to take much action right now, then please know that you will find new vigour and new energy to come back to this later.  Sometimes the most productive we can do for ourselves is take the rest we need.

Take a moment today to set some clear intentions and blow them out to the Universe, just like you are sending little wishes on a dandelion into the wind.  One small step forward today can be the making of a far brighter tomorrow.

If you are feeling out of alignment at the moment, just float.  You are shedding an 'old layer' of something right now.  Just allow your energy (or lack of it) to be as it is.  Something better than you can imagine is coming through.  Remember, you cannot affect change with the same thinking and processes of old; you may need a different approach, and to seek out new adventures.  And perhaps you cannot see what they are right now, but please know that you will find your way forward again and you will soon realign with the energy of possibility and will flow forward with a fresh perspective.

If you are experiencing 'meh' right now... then you can look forward to experiencing 'YAY!' soon!   Go with the flow, sweet Souls.


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