New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer

If there was one word for this week it would be ... "intensity" ...

If you haven't experienced it yet, hold onto your seat as we have the New Moon which is also in perigee (which means it's a Super Moon - as it is extra close to Earth).  And whilst you may not be able to SEE the Moon you will most certainly feel it.

You may already be feeling like something 'new' is happening, that there is something ending and a brand new beginning happening.  As a sign, Cancer is aligned to issues of home, relationships, family and 'tribe'.  So if you find yourself clearing out, moving furniture around, questioning relationships or looking for fresh opportunities and change then consider yourself in alignment with the stars right now!

This is totally a time for New Beginnings.  So set New Intentions.  It's interesting as I read an article in a book about New Moon in Cancer being related to issues of childhood and I found the entire chapter so painful to read, there was a sense of "oh no, we've done all this before we don't need to do this again" as it had some releasing rituals etc. included within it.  What I realised was that my reaction was that I don't want to reflect or to "go back" and "re-visit".  I want to turn the page, progress, move on, focus on the New as in "NEW" Moon. 

Always listen to your 'inner compass', trust that it knows the way.  If something doesn't feel right for you, then it's probably not.  I say this so confidently but it has taken me a long, long, long time to build this 'muscle' and to trust in its strength.

I'm reminded of this magnificent video of a Crab shedding it's old shell (moulting).  Crabs migrate in the thousands to a certain place here in Victoria Australia to moult and mate and the magnificent PT Hirschfield got the most brilliant footage of a crab shedding its shell.  It's amazing, and when you see the crab all new and shiny with his new-ness next to his old shell, you wonder how he even managed to fit in there!  It's so fitting that the crab is the sign for Cancer and that this footage happened only very recently.  

There is a vulnerability when we shed our shell as our new shell is 'soft', new, untested.  We have to grow into it a little, it needs to strengthen and we need to get to know ourselves in our new 'body'.  This is how change is.  When we shed something, we need to be willing to 'try on' the new and this might feel uncomfortable at first. 

When one door closes, another always opens, but sometimes it takes some time, sometimes our patience can be tested.  Please be gentle with yourself (and others).  

Be willing to let go of what no longer serves you and know that when you do the reward will be something you may not have even thought possible.  Sometimes we cannot even fathom the realm of possibility until we make the space for it.

May this New Moon be a brand new, auspicious chapter for you, of new beginnings and new doors opening where you perhaps thought there were only walls.

New Moon Blessings!

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