New Moon and Intention Setting

I have been making my creations since early 2010 and have been working with the Lunar Cycle over this time with my creations but longer than this with other things.  I have come to know deeply how the Moon Phase affects me emotionally, spiritually and physically.

When the Moon is "New" - ie. Dark the sky, it is the time for 'planting', seeds, ideas and for setting intentions.  Consider this like a "blank page" for which you to write your goals, ideas and wishes.  

There is a certain 'knack' to writing a powerful 'intention' and I share this during my online New Moon feeds on my Facebook page, the New Moon is in Taurus tomorrow night and I will be conducting one of these then.  I do hope you can join me, but if not, the video will remain on my page for you to review at any time.

May new doors open, new beginnings reveal themselves and the New Moon bless you with prosperity and abundance for what you wish for.

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