Full Moon in Sagittarius

I am looking forward to coming on live tonight to share some Full Moon Blessings with you.  For more details (and a Free Reading thread) you can find this in the event that I have up on my Facebook Page, but I will be saving the video in case you miss it.

In the lead up to today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius, if you've been feeling a bit unsettled, off balance, or like things have been moving quickly, then you are most likely "feeling it".

You are in tune with the energy of the cosmos. It may not make the experiences that you're currently experiencing, any more comfortable, but please know that you are not alone in feeling the changing tides.  And tides are indeed, changing.

The energy leading up to this full moon has been turbulent, as both the previous New Moon and this Full Moon are ushering in changes, both small and grand.

This full moon asks us to take a fluid approach to what is happening around us -- to go with the flow and to try and not be attached to anything being one certain way -- while we turn our focus inward and illuminate our personal power. .

Sometimes when our external environment becomes unsteady, we take this personally and see it as a reflection of our own inner worth and value. When something does not turn out the way we planned, too often we put ourselves at fault or feel that we have failed or are lacking in some way.  This is not the case. 

This Full Moon in Sagittarius asks you to remind yourself through CONSCIOUS REFLECTION, affirmations and actions of your OWN Personal Power.  You are not at the mercy of what is going on around you.  You have your own choices as to how you wish to think and feel.

It is not the time to turn to books, podcasts, or other people, but rather to look inward.  Go to the Personal Power within.  Sometimes we can be too quick to bypass or not claim our unique individual power, however in order to ride the "waves of change" and to attract the abundance and joy that the realm of change presents to us, we must fortify our being with self-empowerment.  It's time to strengthen that "personal power" muscle!

Now is the time to acknowledge our greatness so that we have the capacity to expand from whatever comes our way.

This full moon also carries a "go-getter" energy.  It is in alignment to seize our power and go after what we really want. In fact, we may find ourselves being the actual instigators of the changes that are about to take place in our lives.
You’ve got this 💕

~ Parts of this article have been adapted from the Moon Deck Oracle

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