Full Moon in Pisces

Jenann McIntosh

Ruled by Neptune, god of the seas, Pisces is the zodiac’s mermaid.

In the light of the Pisces full moon, the veil between the spirit world and the living is thinner than ever.  Over the next couple of days, boundaries can be blurred. You may experience coincidences, deja vu, vividly symbolic dreams (Pisces rules sleep and the subconscious), or unusual “signs” like repeating numbers on the clock or coins.  Consider these signs from your Angels that you are supported and are not alone.

Full moons hold a more emotional energy, and Pisces is an emotional water sign, so you might experience extra heightened emotions with this full moon. But we may want to keep more of what we’re dealing with to ourselves, not wanting to burden (or receive the opinions of) anyone else, and spending time being reflective and introspective.


Ready, set, release

The Pisces full moon awakens our desire for closure on a deep soul level. As the zodiac’s last sign, Pisces is about endings and transitions. It’s time to surrender, wave the white flag, and accept the things we cannot change.  There are some things and times where you just have to let shit go.

On Sunday, August 26, the Full Moon will be in Pisces. Fantasy and reality, the spiritual and the material… they may seem like polar opposites, but the lines separating one from the other are often blurrier than we think. It’s a disorienting idea that can make us feel out of our depth—but these are just the kind of waters that Pisces loves to go swimming in!

To navigate the ebb and flow of this energy, we’ll have to surrender our need for certainty and learn to ride the wave.

For inspiration, just look at this sign’s symbol: two fish, together but swimming in opposite directions. One represents the spiritual side of our human nature, the other the material side. The full moon in Pisces reminds us that life flows best when we find a way to integrate the two and get them swimming together.

Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac, and full moons are associated with endings, so this full moon may bring with it the end of something, perhaps something that has been frustrating us “to no end” over the last couple of months.

This full moon also occurs the day before Mars retrograde ends (can I get a Hallelujah!), so we may be coming out of that retrograde feeling extra emotional. 

Mystic Mermaid is having the Soul Deep online market over on the Facebook page this weekend.  Lots of beautiful Seaglass creations in this event as I have felt drawn to “swimming in the depths” with some of these creations!

We need to be much kinder with one another. Gentle, gentle . . . Softly, softly . . .

Swim softly Sweet Souls xoxo

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