Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

As we head into the Full Moon in Leo and the Total Lunar Eclipse tomorrow you may be feeling a sense of anticipation.

Total Lunar Eclipse


Mystic Mermaid Total Lunar Eclipse

An eclipse is about showing us the dark, so we can see the light and also has the purpose of ‘bringing that into the light’ that may have been hidden before.  If you have had an inkling of something or have felt a glimmer of an idea, you may now find your ‘aha’ moment or the spark to bring joy to your idea and make it happen!

In the lead up to this eclipse you may feel eclipsed by your shadow, contracting into your fears, wounds and old self limiting beliefs.  It is time to let go and the ultimate way to let go is to forgive yourself.   Stop holding yourself back by limiting self beliefs and open your arms and your heart wide ready to embrace what awaits you on the new horizon.

You have the opportunity now to embrace the best version of yourself if you are open to self-discovery.   Shine as you are, right here, right now, not where you think you ‘need to be’ or how you ‘should be’.  Embrace what is.

Full Moon in Leo

The key is to finding our lion-heart comes from reconnecting with the eternal light of the sun that is within us as a divine spark and counting our blessings – seeing the Divine in and all around us.  Gratitude is the key to this.

With Full Moon in Leo it is time to sparkle and shine.

If our inner light is weak we may lack the optimism and confidence to do this, so instead you may have been feeling like you have tripped into a little black hole, consumed with self doubt and overcome by fears.  More a mouse than a lion.

To counteract this, embrace that brings you joy.  Take your time with things.  Let the pressure go, there is no need to have everything absolutely perfect and absolutely right now.  Let things be where they are and embrace where they are and you will see your Lion emerge in no time. 

And look out, with that new energy after this Eclipse and Full Moon you are going to hear yourself ROAR!

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